Erica Lynn Hood - Polka Dot Mug

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Floral Mug
A great functional and decorative addition to any kitchen. This handmade mug is perfect for enjoying coffee and tea.

This mug is made out of cone6 ivory colored porcelain. It is thrown and trimmed on the potter’s wheel. The design is hand painted onto the surface. The lines are crisp while the shadowing has a subtle watercolor effect. It is finished with a clear gloss glaze and fired to 2230 degrees in an electric kiln. This piece is handmade, so there may be subtle differences within the color of the clay and underglaze- which makes it even more special.


Top Width:  3.5"

Height:  4.5"

Care & Use
Run warm water over mug before pouring hot liquid inside
Hand washing with mild detergent prolongs the life of the piece
Food safe
Dishwasher Safe
Microwave safe
Not intended for use in the oven or over a direct flame
Avoid pouring boiling water inside of mug

*Colors may vary on different monitors/screens

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