Erica Lynn Hood - Turkey Vulture & Blooms Large Plate

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This handmade dinner plate is the perfect addition to your ceramic tableware collection! It’s a great size for serving all kinds of food. This plate is definitely a unique piece for nature lovers, entertainers, and ceramic collectors. A great piece for you, or a beautiful gift for loved ones or friends! It’s fully functional and can also be displayed on your wall. You can hang the plate when you’re not using it by stringing some wire through two holes that are in the foot ring, and then hanging it on a nail.



This ceramic plate is made with ivory colored porcelain. It is thrown and trimmed on the potter’s wheel, and hand painted using black underglaze. The lines are crisp while the shadowing has a subtle watercolor effect. After the piece is decorated, is it finished with a food safe clear glossy glaze. This plate is fired to cone6 in an electric kiln and is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. This piece is handmade, so there may be subtle differences within the color of the clay and underglaze- which makes it even more special.



-Diameter:  11.5"

-Depth:  1.25"


Care Instructions 

-Food safe

-Dishwasher Safe

-Microwave Safe

-Hand washing is strongly encouraged to prolong the life of the piece

-Take extra care when loading into the dishwasher to ensure dishes will not knock against one another

-Mild soaps and detergents are recommended for cleaning 

-Not intended for use in the oven, in the freezer, or over a direct flame 

-Avoid drastic temperature changes


*Colors may vary on different monitors/screens

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